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Hi, I’m Amanda

Top transformational coach for startup founders & CEOs.

About me

Since 2019, I’ve coached more than 100 founders, CEOs, and senior executives on how to be a phenomenal operator and compassionate leader.
My work is informed by a unique blend of 15+ years of startup operating experience, an applied understanding of neuroscience, and 4+ years of coaching founders and senior leaders.
The impact of this trifecta is significant growth and embodied transformation for you, your team, and company.

My startup experience


10th hire and 1st salesperson. Architected, led and coached a 400-person inside sales team over 5-year tenure.



1st revenue executive. Founded and scaled large enterprise and mid-market sales teams. Scaled revenue from 0 to $35M in ARR in 1.5 years and grew the team from 1 to 150.



Executive responsible for the global expansion of revenue and marketing teams across 5 new markets in the EU, AU and LatAm.



Developed the global Sales Enablement team: 34 leaders strong, supporting $3B in rev, and a 2,500-person field organization.

My coaching credentials

The prestigious Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation is the most rigorous and respected in the industry with 104 hours of required coursework...


Certified Professional
Co-Active Coach

The Certificate of NeuroTransformational Coaching (CNTC) is an 80-hour, year-long training for the advanced coach...


Certified NeuroTransformational Coach

The Neuroscience of Change

The Certificate of The Power of Embodied Transformation is an 18-week coach...

Certified Embodied
Transformation Coach

My inspiration


I live in Tiburon, California with my husband Bryan, son Grayson, daughter Maya, and Labradoodle Lou. I find joy in cooking extended family meals, morning yoga, photography, gardening and epic trail runs on Mount Tam.


Life takes on new meaning the moment it's nearly lost. On June 22, 2017, just weeks after a stressful, complicated delivery of my son Grayson, I was settled back into life and enjoying the new addition to our family.

What started early in the morning as extreme stomach pain quickly accelerated to a harrowing trip to the ER, where I arrived with very worrisome vital signs. All my organs were shutting down. My troponin (stress) levels in my heart were spiking. I had a fever over 106. My ER doctor suspected sepsis and began treatment immediately in hopes of saving my life. Fortunately he did.


I had a group A strep blood infection which led to Advance Septic Shock — a condition with a mortality rate of 60% or more. I had reached the 1-yard line of not surviving. After 5 days in the ICU and another several days in the cardiac unit, I was released from the hospital. I continued to receive care from my family and team of nurses as I made a full recovery.


Today I reflect upon that part of my journey with immense gratitude and determination to live life to the fullest.


I now serve on the Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors.



I grew up with parents who prioritized family meals above all else and had a deep love of gardening and growing their own fruits and vegetables.


I latched on to this passion. Year-round you can find me tending to my garden and growing whatever is in season and sharing it with my community.


You can plant a seed anywhere, but it will only thrive and produce if you nurture the soil, and tend to it with love and care. Do the work, look inside, get the right amount of sunshine — and anything is possible.


“Amanda has been instrumental in helping me become aware of the places I get stuck. One of the biggest differences is in how I make decisions. Before we started working together I had a hard time committing to a direction. With Amanda’s guidance, I am more confident in what I believe and willing to make the challenging calls.”

– Brenda Jin, Founder and CEO, Guanyin Labs

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A complimentary discovery call is available to learn more about Amanda's coaching practice and assess fit.

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