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See how first-time managers, high potential individuals and top performers work with Amanda to obtain greater clarity around purpose and goals and the confidence necessary to achieve what they most desire.

Case study

The rapid change provided fertile ground for the client to evaluate her level of satisfaction at her company and in her managerial role.  As more senior positions opened up she didn't know whether to pursue them or look for external opportunities. Without mentorship, support, or any formal Learning and Development programs at the company, she felt stuck.


The client also desired more balance amidst the uncertainty. Self-doubt, anxiety, and increased stress were starting to compromise her ability to lead and perform. She partnered with Amanda to find ways to thrive during her transition.

A client at a fast-scaling startup reached out to Amanda for guidance. Her company had entered a growth stage and was transitioning from a flat organization to one of specialization. With this expansion came new levels of leadership, structure and rigor. First-time founders were at the helm and a noticeable gap in experienced leadership began to surface.



The client now has clarity and direction. She took on a new role to lead a larger team. And the client credits her work with Amanda for her ability to achieve more balance, moment to moment.

The client engaged in hourly sessions with Amanda on a biweekly basis. She uncovered a few blind spots that had been holding her back and learned how to address them. Together, they clarified her strengths and values and worked to align her actions with her vision for the future.


The coaching sessions provided a level of accountability she had not had before, as well as space to explore limiting beliefs and behaviors. Through self-reflection and greater compassion, she was able to determine her purpose and define her path to fulfillment. Within a couple of months the client shifted into a more positive mindset, developed core leadership skills, and let her authentic voice come through. What once felt overwhelming and uncertain quickly seemed more manageable and actionable.




"Amanda helped me prioritize what was important during my career transition. She gave me the courage to identify and negotiate for what I wanted, trust the process and have faith. I am so grateful for this partnership as it helped me take one of the biggest steps of my career."

– Mel Alexander, Independent Contributor, Rally

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