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Case study


A first-time Head of Sales approached Amanda for coaching when the lack of structure, systems and processes for scale at his company challenged his ability to lead. He had agressive revenue targets to hit as the series C startup navigated a new stage of growth.

The client believed both the Sales and Customer Success teams were ill-equipped to support their annual revenue goals. The existing organizational structure presented roadblocks and the leadership bench lacked experience. At the time, the culture was one of complacency instead of learning and growth.


Since the company did not provide a clear career path for sales reps, performance began to decline, leading to attrition. The client needed time and cycles to invest in segmenting the customer base, creating verticals and adapting sales cycles. In addition, the Sales and Customer Success teams operated in silos, contributing to customer churn.


The client transitioned “out of the weeds” by moving his focus from short-term to a much more strategic mindset while setting his sights on the upcoming 12 to 18 months. In a matter of months he was able to establish himself as a confident, high-performing revenue leader.

Not only the client, but also other leaders within the Sales and Customer Success organization, engaged with Amanda on a weekly basis for 1-on-1 coaching. Simultaneously, Amanda  provided monthly team coaching sessions.


The client and additional leaders worked with Amanda to develop systems and processes to drive performance across teams. The revenue team adapted best practices at meetings and achieved a new level of transparency around revenue goals, performance metrics and enablement opportunities, while leveraging 1-on-1 meetings to optimize performance.


The client received Amanda’s support on developing his leadership bench, hiring, onboarding, and compensation and headcount planning. Together, they created a culture of feedback where the client learned how to best manage in all directions and communicate more effectively using his authentic leadership voice.




"Amanda was a close mentor, coach and sounding board during my time at Shippo. Speed was imperative and she helped me move swiftly on countless projects—tactical operational processes, scalable onboarding programs, high-velocity playbooks, all while spending meaningful time cultivating my core competencies as a leader. What makes Amanda such a powerful coach is that she has an art for blending proven sales and growth tactics with compassion, which is incredibly rare. No matter your seniority or business stage, please connect with Amanda. You will not regret it!"

– Jake Bergquist, Sales Leader, Shippo

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