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Senior Executive

Case study


Jenn was a first-time executive at a series C startup and reached out to me after her company closed their latest round of funding. She was feeling her edge as a new leader and was looking to develop herself further so she could lead in a way that was authentic and effective.


Jenn believed concerns were growing around her performance and ability to take on additional challenges. She found it difficult to safely share her thoughts and explore ways to improve her leadership skills.


Stuck in short-term thinking and firefighting mode, Jenn needed a space to develop long-term strategic visioning, prioritization and planning. In addition, she sought an end to her tendency to spiral into questions over her own performance.



Jenn and I worked together on a weekly basis. Her direct reports, peers and company founder provided feedback to round out the assessment. Our coaching sessions addressed development gaps recognized in both the feedback from others and self-reflection.


Jenn explored her values, discovered limiting beliefs, and was able to define her authentic leadership voice. Together we uncovered the source of her imposter syndrome, and created strategies to help her overcome it. She developed her ability to set both long-term priorities and weekly goals to make traction toward her vision.


Jenn leveraged me as a confidential sounding board to discuss complex challenges. Our partnership provided structure and accountability for herself and her team.


Jenn feels a new sense of balance. She’s developed a company culture of feedback, accountability and solution-mindset. Her performance has holistically improved and she reports that her team is hitting aggressive goals.

Length of engagement

Jenn and I had an initial 3-month engagement which then converted to a month-to-month coaching plan. We worked together for a total of 18 months.


"Amanda has helped me navigate tricky internal situations, solve complex business problems, and lead in a way that aligns with the core of who I am. She's been in my corner, supporting, challenging, and encouraging me while I navigate an increasingly large role at a rapid growth company. Our work has been life-changing."

– Janessa Lantz, VP of Marketing, dbt Labs

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A complimentary discovery call is available to learn more about Amanda's coaching practice and assess fit.

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